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  • Benefits of Dilution Dispensers

    Apr 13, 2015

    Benefits of dilution dispensers

    Learn about the benefits of utilizing a dilution dispenser for your veterinary hospital or boarding facility

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  • Benefits of Microfiber Mops

    Mar 19, 2015
    Stop using cotton mops!  Microfiber mops are a better choice.
    Consider the benefits of using microfiber mops instead of cotton.
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  • Are you getting your floors truly clean and disinfected?

    Mar 06, 2015
    Cleaning and disinfecting with a double bucket mop system
    If you are using the "old standard" single mop bucket without a proper rinse, you are just contaminating the disinfectant solution with a dirty mop and smearing dirt and animal debris around.
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  • Bleach Is Not The Best Choice

    Feb 12, 2015
    Bleach is not the best choice
    Controlling nosocomial infection is a challenge that every animal hospital, boarding or grooming facility faces. Nosocomial infections are infections that patients acquire while being treated, boarded or admitted as a patient. Because of this, cleaning and disinfecting yards, kennels, and any surfaces that animals come in contact with is critically important.
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  • First Impressions Are Important

    Feb 11, 2015

    First Impressions are Priceless

    Just about every client experience expert talks about the importance of the first impression. What are your clients seeing, smelling and feeling when they walk in the door of your hospital? What are they seeing and smelling outside of your hospital before they even walk in the door?
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