Benefits of Dilution Dispensers

Apr 13, 2015

Benefits of dilution dispensers

Do you know if your staff members are preparing cleaning and disinfectant solutions correctly?

Are they coming in contact with disinfectant concentrates?

Are you going through your disinfectant product at a fast rate?

A dilution dispenser is a wonderful tool to have available in busy animal hospitals and kennels.  By injecting disinfectants through metered tips into water flow – they provide a quick and accurate way for staff members to fill spray bottles and mop buckets.

Here are some benefits of using a dilution dispenser at your facility:

SAFETY:  A dilution dispenser provides a closed loop which means the person using a dilution dispenser does not have to come into contact with the disinfectant concentrate. 

SAVES TIME:  Using a dilution dispenser is very quick and accurate.

ENSURES EFFICACY:  It assures that each time a disinfectant solution is prepared, you are getting full efficacy and kill claims.

ECONOMICAL:  It delivers an accurate mixture so product is not being wasted by over mixing.