Hydro® 9900 CCS Compact Cleaning System

Hydro® 9900 CCS Compact Cleaning System

Item # 10191000

  • It is the next-generation, mobile, compact, self-contained cleaning system designed for portable cleaning applications.
  • Rechargeable battery, 12V DC, w/onboard charger
  • Tank capacity: 8 gallon; Dilution: Approx. 4:1 - 64:1
  • Flow rate while spraying: Approx. 1/2 GPM (2 liters/min)
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Use in restrooms, trash areas, and supermarket meat cases. The system has all the capabilities as its sibling, the ICS, including both cleaning and sanitizing functions, and clean water rinsing, through low pressure (<100 psi) spray nozzles, but is more compact in size! The CCS fits in the same space as a mop bucket. Great for facilities with fewer cleaning areas and limited storage space. The integrated storage space easily accommodates extra chemical, cleaning supplies, or even a wet dry vac for recovery! Nozzle spray patters are fine (rinse) and coarse (spray).


  • Simple design reduces maintenance costs.
  • 10' discharge hose with hanger.
  • Easily maneuverable; large back wheels, lockable casters.
  • Chemical holders for round or F-style gallon/two liter) containers; (unit has option to dispense up to four chemicals).
  • Storage caddy for spray bottles, paper products, etc.
  • Accurate, on-demand dilution/dispensing of multi-function chemical products - e.g. hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners.
  • Storage holders with clips for mops, deck brush (12") and squeegee (16").
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